From the Hills to the Valley! - Jared Hoffman for the 85th

Jared is a former Republican and self-proclaimed moderate and vows to find common ground solutions to make rural PA prosperous and safe!

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Rural Pennsylvania's Survival is Our Steadfast Goal!
A native of Central Pennsylvania, Jared Hoffman is deeply rooted in community service. After graduating from Selinsgrove Area High School and SUN Area Technical Institute's Criminal Justice program, he joined his local fire department in 2014 and remains an active member. While in high school, he volunteered with his Catholic Church youth group and supported local initiatives like feeding the less fortunate.
Passionate about history, Jared actively educates the public about the American Civil War through living history reenactments, often participating in Gettysburg National Military Park's programs.
Now seeking election to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the 85th District, Jared prioritizes economic revitalization alongside educational, agricultural, and collaborative policy initiatives. He strives to represent the diverse needs of his district and build a stronger future for its communities.

Jared is focused on finding bipartisan, common ground solutions like:
  • Reducing Small Business Taxes and Cutting Red Tape

  • Increasing the Minimum Wage

  • Expanding and Promoting Vocational Education, and Building a Community College in the Area

  • Supporting Women's Reproductive Rights, Equality for All, and Opposing Book Bans

  • Ending Subsidies on Large Cooperate Ag Firms and Reinvest Resources to Aid Local Farmers

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